A beast! A fat, ugly beast, appeared on the surface of the earth, when the whole world was fast asleep. It came in slowly, when no one watching and struck, when no one was looking.

It began devouring the people of Asia and extended its evil adventure to Europe, North America, South America,  Oceania, Australia, Africa and fortunately, not to Antarctica.

Every nation shuddered by the mention of this horrible beast. They prayed and hoped that it would not find its way into their boundaries. Unfortunately, almost every nation now, has got a bitter piece of this beast. 

It has succeeded in killing over 75, 000 people and continue to inject its poisonous venom into more people. This beast has made conditions and symptoms which seemed almost “normal” to humans, now look and feel abnormal.

It is now abnormal to cough. If you do, everyone around you might stop and stare in fright.

It is now weird to sneeze. If you do, everyone around you might take to their heels.

It is even scarier to have a fever. Because, it is a reminder of this beast and maybe, death.

A little change in one’s breathing pattern now makes one panic and rethink.Now, the formal handshake is a taboo and the informal elbow bump is the new form of greetings.
This beast has ruined so many plans and schedules.

“Thanks” to it, social gatherings and religious activities have been suspended, in order to practice social distancing.

The prices of goods are soaring, to the dismay of citizens.

It is not time for holidays, yet schools have been forced to close.

The Airport which is the most revered place of transport, is now the most feared place to step a foot.

Borders have been closed to avoid the invasion of this beast.

There is no strike, yet workers are forced to stay at home.

The busiest places are now as quiet as a desert.
Many attempts to invent a powerful antidote (Cure/vaccine), to drive away this beast , has proved futile . Nonetheless, good hygiene has become an alternative antidote to the venom of this beast. We can help ourselves by adhering to measures put in place for our own safety.

Continue to wash your hands as often as you can.

Stay at home as much as you can.

Cover your mouth when you cough.

Keep a safe distance from others and seek for medical attention if you experience any symptoms.

Aside these precautions, let’s all pray and hope that , this beast disappears without hesitation, just as it appeared without  invitation. And with the existence of  this pandemic, it is important to spread calm and not panic.

Stay safe.


Written by : Nasreen Zankawah

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