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When Titiaka, an assertive tycoon, finally begins therapy to regain her lost memories, she is shocked by the daunting connection between her present…

Reviews of the wild Rose

This book will change your perspective on life

This book is a solid read. All that was resonating within me as I read the book was Ghana Danielle Steel. The protagonist Titi, looked like she will never catch a break but I read the strength in her character. Overcoming any and everything life threw at her. Betrayal, poverty, rape, crime, you name it. Titi went through it all. I liked the fact that the author advertised Ghanaian products. Very great. I don’t remember the last time I finished a book within 6 hours. My greatest take away are the little nuggets of wisdom after every chapter. Basically, the sun comes out after every storm and Titi must have just as well walked on water because she’s an amazing character. The twists in this book was twisting. You could feel everything Titi was going through; the despair, the fights and so on.

Asabea Reads

A True Masterpiece, Bravo!

The President’s Bodyguard is an exciting read. An epic story, suspenseful and thrillingly catchy. I initially planned to read it in two days, but once I started, every other thing was suspended until I finished reading it by evening that same day.

Adnan Mustapha

The suspense in “The President’s Bodyguard” is crazy. I haven’t read many books in my life but I have watched dozens of movies and I can say, it gave me the same feel as if I were watching a movie.

Askanda Amadu

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In Poland, we were given temporary accommodation in a sports hall and I met most of my colleagues again including Raj. He told me how he was nearly harassed by some Russian soldiers but was rescued by Ukrainian soldiers. When Osei informed me that the Ghanaian government was arranging a flight for us to return home, I was beyond elated. I called my mother and when she recognized my voice she began crying [...]


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