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In her debut novel, Nasreen Zankawah tells a compelling tale about suffering and betrayal. A stunning yet suspenseful story that really penetrates the reader’s mind. I was not at all prepared for all the highs and lows this book forced me to experience.

I could really connect to the characters’ feelings and actions since the author’s diction perfectly conveyed them. The characters in this book were so well-developed that they brought the plot to life.

I was nonetheless stunned when I realized that a mistake on the part of the President’s mother [sometime back] had created a severe rivalry between him and his half-brother to the extent that it threatened his life and put a dent in his political reputation.

I like how the author interspersed both reality and fiction, centering on many issues. The author created an image of a country I can imagine living in, albeit the crimes.

Despite being my favorite character, Joshua occasionally got on my nerves.  I wanted Almas and Joshua to live happily ever after because of everything they had been through.

In “The President’s Bodyguard” you will share in the love, pain, and betrayal. But I must say, the unsaid love between Almas and Joshua will always be with you.

I can’t recommend it enough!

Black Reader Diary

A True Masterpiece, Bravo!

The President’s Bodyguard is an exciting read. An epic story, suspensive and thrillingly catchy. I initially planned to read it in two days, but once I started, every other thing was suspended until I finished reading it by evening that same day.

Adnan Mustapha

The suspense in “The President’s Bodyguard” is crazy. I haven’t read many books in my life but I have watched dozens of movies and I can say, it gave me the same feel as if I were watching a movie.

Askanda Amadu

The President’s Bodyguard is a very intriguing book. Well penned with simple language but very creative. What I liked most is the legal language used. Hoping for a sequel.

Dorcas Kongwie


A True Masterpiece, Bravo!

Quite a lot of suspense. Found the same with the first book (The President’s Bodyguard) as well. Nice storyline. The flashbacks help to align the previous scenes. I actually imagined it like a movie. I got a few vocabulary as well. What was fascinating was Titi robbing Piesie and then Piesie saving her and them working together.

Angela Menya

This book is a solid read. All that was resonating within me as I read the book was Ghana Danielle Steel. The protagonist Titi, looked like she will never catch a break but I read the strength in her character. Overcoming any and everything life threw at her. Betrayal, poverty, rape, crime, you name it. Titi went through it all. I liked the fact that the author advertised Ghanaian products. Very great. I don’t remember the last time I finished a book within 6 hours. My greatest take away are the little nuggets of wisdom after every chapter. Basically, the sun comes out after every storm and Titi must have just as well walked on water because she’s an amazing character. The twists in this book was twisting. You could feel everything Titi was going through; the despair, the fights and so on.

Asabea Reads