Dear Cleric,                                       



 I write this letter to express my discontent in your duty as a religious leader. Per my observation, you are drifting away from your purpose. You serve as a guide to one’s religion and recognized by a religious body as a leader whom they should follow. Unfortunately, you are shirking your responsibility and taking a total different path. God is Almighty, but i am really appalled at how you compare yourself to him and taking all his glory for yourself. It is sad how you turn worshipers of God into slaves and make them  do the unthinkable. Instead of inspiring worshipers to live their lives in God’s grace, you let them eat grass at the place of worship all in the name of getting “closer to God”. You should be someone who encourages and counsel people on how to achieve their dreams. Rather, you transform into different animals, visiting them in their dreams. Instead of encouraging worshipers to believe in the realities of life, you have rather turned yourself into a sorcerer who plays magic tricks and charms to the amusement of your congregation. You have suddenly become a soothsayer   who sees past, present and future happenings in the life of individuals .Are you aware that, this soothsaying spirit of yours have destroyed so many lives and families? You have become a doomsayer who only predicts calamities that will occur in the lives of celebrities and prominent people. It is amazing how most of your revelations carry so much negativity as though nothing positive can ever prevail. . When will you prophesy peace, unity, stability,  Good health and well being, success and many other  positive things? The country prays and yearns for these and not negative ones.  You predict the outcome of general elections way before the Election year. You continue to give false hope to citizens and when the said party does not win, your prediction contributes to the chaos it breeds afterwards. Instead of being noted for calming tempers, fingers will be pointed at you as someone who ignited or contributed to the rise of  a conflict. You have become someone who takes advantage of poor and desperate worshipers to the extent of having intimate relationships with women all in the name of helping them restore their marriages, bear children or get men to marry them. You have now become someone who resurrect people from the dead and even make worshipers drink your bath water all in the name of “anointing”. You now use the work of God as a business where you get your source of livelihood. You deceive and rob hard working worshipers of their little ends meet. You flaunt your riches and assets on the media while most people in your congregation lack the basic necessities and suffer in poverty. Instead of encouraging the youth to work hard, you influence them on how to make quick money the easy way. You have become a fraudster, when you could have been a master in eliminating fraud.You have gradually turned the work and name of God into a mockery. It has become a competition where you compete and compare your powers to others, accusing them of falsehood when your own credibility is being questioned. You are seen as a role model and inspiration to people. But recent events show you no longer deserve such acknowledgement.You are supposed to provide guidance and direction to people. Rather, you are the same person leading them astray.Some see you as an intercessor, because you appeal to God on their behalf. But I will like to know, do you still serve God Almighty or you now serve a different god?You are a very influential and powerful figure especially in a country like Ghana were most of its citizens are religious. This power of yours could have made positive impact in the lives of citizens. Rather, you use it to your own advantage. Nonetheless, I do not blame you wholly for all these because some individuals and worshipers have contributed to this absurdity.God gave everyone sense and a conscience. Thus, every adult in his or her right state of mind can differentiate right from wrong even in relation to religion. In spite of that, we still follow you blindly. You are human like everyone else and no human is a saint. Thus, you sin and make mistakes just like every human. But this does not still justify your actions. Religion should not be  an excuse to exploit and mislead people.It is up to individuals to open their eyes, use their minds and listen to their hearts because our instincts speak to us all the time. It is really sad how we fail to use our sense and conscience especially in matters relating to religion. There is only one truth, so worshipers should try as much as possible to differentiate the truth from the lies in your preaching of what the holy book says. It is also important for worshipers to note that you sometimes misinterpret what our various holy books reveal. Rather, you select what will benefit you and ignore the rest. Worshipers should therefore be careful of whom they listen to.It is unfortunate that your mischievous ways have affected and tarnished the work and image of credible and faithful clerics. I hope that the speck of dust in our eyes will eventually be removed, so we can see all the wrongs happening around us and finally climb back to the right path.


Yours faithfully,




Written by : Nasreen Zankawah

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