Ghana is known as one of the most peaceful countries in  Africa but the incident which occurred on Thursday, 31st January  at the Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency proved otherwise.

Elections have to be undertaken peacefully without threats or violence so citizens can feel safe and vote peacefully. We as Ghanaians should not be blinded by our support for specific political parties to the extent of losing our peace and integrity.

 It is no doubt that political parties are a crucial part  of governance and we need them in order to help us choose the right government.

But the question is, “who is to be blamed for the Ayawaso incident?” . Is it the NPP, NDC or the mask-wearing heavily armed men?

Though Ghana is a multiparty country, these two parties have dominated for the past years and have always had issues with each other. Before being members of political parties, we are citizens of this country and whatever we do will affect us one way or the other.

In my opinion, a re-election should have taken place after the incident had occurred because people had been injured and the polling station was flooded with violence, this does not depict a peaceful election.

Secondly, the NDC should not have pulled out of the election because the by-election was meant for all the political  parties.

Furthermore, if the masked armed men were really security personnels, why then were their faces covered? because it was a factor which heightened the violence at the polling station. Moreover, security personnels are trained and armed to protect citizens and not to intimidate or abuse them at the least provocation.

Lastly, it was wrong for madam Lydia Alhassan to be refered to us ” bloody widow” just because the minority do not agree with she being elected. Though she is a politician and insults seem “normal” in Ghanaian politics, that term was not prudent because she lost her spouse not long ago and might be going through emotional stress. This will only awaken the grieve she’s already living with and no human deserves that.

We as Ghanaians  need to put peace before anything else and let’s pray and hope for a peaceful elections in 2020 because Ghana is all we have.


Written by : Nasreen Zankawah

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