I am an art, beautifully crafted by God

And displayed on the surface of the earth

Just like any other creature, He gave me breath

As I wandered about, I met many other creatures

Who looked Just like me

The loneliness I once felt, suddenly eluded me

I knew I had companions, so I thought

People who will see me as their coequal


Just as I will see them as a facsimile of myself

But no, I was wrong

I discovered a bitter truth

A truth that sent shock waves through my body

I wasn’t considered a coequal by these people

I was abused and ridiculed because of my smooth

And sparkling melanin skin

I was shunned because I worshipped differently

I was maligned because my values and beliefs

Were entirely distinct from theirs

I was vilified because I spoke a different language

Everything I did was considered vile and despicable

As though my very own existence was questionable

Just like everyone else, God created me in his own image






Just like anything else, I wouldn’t have been created if I were irrelevant



Nonetheless, I hope things wouldn’t always be the same



I envision a future where humanity will see itself as a single entity



A future, devoid of discrimination and enmity


Copyright© Nasreen Zankawah,2020


Written by : Nasreen Zankawah

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