The city springs up to life at night,

With every building illuminating colourful rays of light.

The streets gradually fade out with people, leaving behind a loud silence and emptiness.

An emptiness that exudes serenity.

The gentle night breeze sweeps the scent of the ground which whirls in thin air and grazes the nose.

This tranquility of the night slowly transforms into daybreak.

The city bustles to life, swallowing up the serene night.

Honks and turbulent voices in the air, and the immaculate streets turn filthy.

The invisible dirt becomes visible.

Cans and plastics are disposed of haphazardly, distorting the face of the city.

The heat from the sun devours the gentle breeze awakening the stench from gutters.

Both infants and adults release excreta in prohibited areas.

With the odour, blown by the slightest wind and harming the human anatomy.

Food is prepared and sold a few metres away from this scene.

The river awash these wastes and is instantly contaminated.

A calamity breaks and the city is cursed with a plague.

Many lose their lives and others are fortunate to survive after incurring injuries.

A slight shower from the heavens,

Causes a grave pool of calamity in some homes on earth, claiming lives and property.

Unfortunately, no matter how great a calamity befalls the city,

The people will still be reluctant to mend their ways and live a life of purity.

Meanwhile, they dreamily wish their city was as pure as other neighbouring cities,

But they barely work towards achieving that dream.

Nonetheless, there is still hope that the city will one day be as neat as a pin.

And not disguise into immaculacy when the night falls.

Written by : Nasreen Zankawah

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