Mathematics has never been a favourite, but magically, I’m now a mathematician.

As I plan my budget for tomorrow.

I ponder on all the change I lost to vendors yesterday.

If my distances were short, I would have certainly become a walker.

But no matter how fast I would walk,

I would never catch up with the soaring fuel price

Cost of food commodities are skyrocketing every second.

People jostle to buy items in bulk, as prices increase every minute.

The passing of the e-levy bill has left many e-agitated,

Because the unemployed who strives to survive daily, is equally going to be e-taxed.

Just as the rate of the dollar increases and the rate of the cedi decreases each day,

There’s an increase in the rate of insecurity and decrease in the rate of employment,

Which has left the youth burning in agony,

Just as our markets continue burning mysteriously.

Hopes are sliding down the drain.

Anxiety and uncertainty about the future sneak up like a noiseless thief.

The rainy season has visited and the hot season has gradually cowed.

Yet, amidst the cold breeze and the whirling sound of the wind in my ears,

I still sweat profusely like I just ended a race.

As I search around me for the cause of my perspiration,

It finally dawns on me that it is the heat of the economy.

A heat so fierce that it affects my entire anatomy and

Since there’s no certified name for this condition, I prefer to call it “Heatonomy”

Written by : Nasreen Zankawah

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